Hello and welcome to my lifestyle and personal finance blog! I created this blog for the purpose of sharing my tips, tricks, failures, and successes in the realms of finance and everyday life! I’ll regularly post about the choices and products I make and choose that help me live a profitable lifestyle!

I’m your host Jack, living with my two dogs out here in the brightest city on Earth, Las Vegas, NV

I recently graduated from college here in 2017 without an ounce of debt. That’s not to say “I’m loaded with money”, instead I used a variety of tips I learned growing up to help me live within my budget. Doing so has allowed me to enjoy the more finer things in life without the worry of not making ends meet.

I love reading articles on sports, bodybuilding, and of course finance! So please subscribe, follow, like, whatever you can to join me on this journey as I turn this hobby of blogging into a full time job!

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